About Us

Experts in Creating a Shipshape Shine

We at ShipShape Pressure Cleaning Services company are fully updated with the latest technology in the cleaning industry with our employees ready to execute the customers’ needs effectively and efficiently.

About Us

More than 5 years of cleaning experience

ShipShape Pressure Cleaning company takes pride in having worked all across Melbourne city and the State of Victoria for well over a period of 5 years. We specialize in deep cleaning and treatment of floor tiles, wall tiles, pavements, driveways and fences. Our technicians are highly trained individuals holding a rapport in the market for removing stubborn stains of mud, grime and dust from unyielding surfaces. Our services also include tile & cement related repairs. The unparalleled services we aim to offer have gained us the much needed appreciation and recognition as a well-established cleaning services agency with a potential to reach new heights in the industry.

Our Mission

To become the leading cleaning services provider in all kinds of cleaning and related hard services within the City of Melbourne & make uncleanliness a problem of the past.

Our Vision

Keep Melbourne city a clean haven.

Why Hire Us?

In spite of the 5 years of services we rendered to this city our reputation surpasses us as being amongst the finest in the pressure cleaning and tile repair industry.

Number of Happy Clients

Our clients leave us with glowing recommendations of a job well done and never fail to employ our services for their future needs.

Execute Client's Need

Our highly trained technicians at ShipShape team are always ready to execute client demands to a 100% on the what how and when in a job well done.

ShipShape is well Updated with New Technology

We are very keen on using the latest eco-friendly cleaning technology to enhance overall efficiency.

Strictly Execute Our Expertise

We clean floor tiles, wall tiles, pavements, driveways, fences, concrete walls & floors, roofs & ceilings, window frames, doors & etc.

Get rid of Uncleanliness

We remove mud, grime, dust, moss, oil marks, bird droppings, cow dung from the floor surface to give the clients property a brand new look.

Other Services

Apart from cleaning services, we also specialize in tile & concrete related repairs. As well as carpet restoration.